About us

KOAN Ltd is a diversified distribution company with 14 years of sustained growth and experience in Trinidad and Tobago. Through partnerships with some of the best brands in the world and a focus on delivering a WOW experience to our customers, we have become the recognized leader in the markets in which we operate.

We are proud to serve customers that range from small to large and who operate in many sectors of the economy such as Hardware, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Automotive, Distribution and Supermarkets.

We have the unique ability to deliver purchase orders within 24 hours, thanks to our skilled and committed team. We continuously strive to update our technical and operational skills to add value to our growing customer base and to better support our international partners.

As an organization, KOAN Ltd continuously analyses market trends to identify new opportunities and actively pursue and develop new supplier relationships to sustain our path of growth and development.

Brands we proudly represent